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Bundle CDN

Upload your bundled ES2018 JavaScript script file. We will transpile and minify, yielding multiple output bundles targeting different browsers!

Transpiling and minification

Uploaded bundle is transpiled using Babel and minified using Babel-Minify, providing cutting edge features and minification. Supports ES2018 and stage 2, 3 & 4.

Serving the optimal bundle

We inspect the browser's User-Agent header and serve the most modern compatible transpiled bundle. Bundles are served by CloudFlare's super-fast global content delivery network.

Under the hood

Dynamic routing is done on the edge nodes of the CDN. The User-Agent header is parsed, the best bundle selected and served from the CDN cache. The browser will cache the script locally for up to 30 days.

Babel as a service

Leverage the power of babel and cutting edge JS code without any setup.

Tomorrow's code on yesterday's devices

Use all the latest syntax features, but keep the code compatible with older browsers and node.js versions.

Submit your JS file, we do the rest

No large dependencies, no pesky configuration. Transpilation and minification out of the box.

Integrate into any service

Use our REST API to power your own services.
Check out our documentation.


Great with TypeScript

Enjoy the beauty of babel's preset-env in a pure TypeScript setup! Just set "target": "es7" in your tsconfig.json and upload your bundle to bundle.sh.

Immutable deployments

Don't worry about caching. If you use our CDN we have got you covered!
Upload your bundle and we will care for the rest.

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